Western's Caucus on Women's Issues


The University of Western Ontario Caucus on Women’s Issues was formed in 1980 to promote and safeguard the interests of women at The University of Western Ontario and its affiliates. Our objectives are as follows:

  • to cultivate a sense of community among women at the university
  • to encourage the integration of the findings from feminist research into curricula at UWO and its affiliates
  • to promote a work environment which facilitates the full professional development of all women employed at UWO and its affiliates
  • Some of the most significant developments for women in the past decade at Western were fostered or promoted by the Caucus. For example, the Caucus put together a list of courses of special relevance for women in 1981, and has lobbied for new courses in Women’s Studies thereafter. These initiatives contributed to the establishment of the Centre for Women’s Studies and Feminist Research by the University on May 1, 1987. Similarly, the Caucus sponsored symposia and a speakers series on women’s studies [research] until the Centre took over this function.
  • Lobbying and briefs by the Caucus or Caucus members on issues such as sexual harassment, employment equity, maternity leaves, and the safety of women on campus have had a real influence on the formation of policy and the initiation of change at Western. The University adopted a Sexual Harassment Policy and appointed the University’s first sexual harassment adviser in 1984. The position of Employment Equity Officer and the Employment Equity Committee were established in 1988.



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