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Article 1: Name

Article 2: Aims and Objectives


By-Law No. 1: Membership

By-Law No. 2: Dues

By-Law No. 3: Officers and Governing Body

By-Law No. 4: Election and Tenure of Officers & Executive Committee Members

By-Law No. 5: Management of the Organization

By-Law No. 6: Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

By-Law No. 7: Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws of the Organization

By-Law No. 8: Policy on Endorsements and Mailing List


Article 1: Name

The official name of the organization shall be: "The University of Western Ontario Caucus on Women's Issues."

Article 2: Aims and Objectives

Aim: The aim of the organization shall be to promote and safeguard the interests of women at the University of Western Ontario and its affiliates.

Objectives: The objectives of the organization shall be:

Proposed amendment:

1. to cultivate a sense of community among women at The University of Western Ontario.

2. to encourage the integration of the findings from feminist research into all curricula at UWO and its affiliates.

3.Proposed amendment: "to promote an environment which facilitates the  full professional development of all women who are employees and students at UWO and its affiliates."

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