Visual Arts DepartmentWestern Arts and Humanities

Gray Creative Arts Award in Visual Arts

Awarded to a full-time student completing third year of a Visual Arts degree program who excels in one of the following areas (to be rotated annually):

1. Two-dimensional art (drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, etc.)

2. Three-dimensional art (sculpture, holography, performance)

3. Time-based art (video, sound)

Third-year students will be invited to apply by January 31, 2015. Students are to provide between five and eight images of work in three-dimensional art (sculpture, holography, performance) to which the award is directed in the year 2015.

Additionally, applicants will submit a proposal describing their work in the year ahead, including an objective and a CV. The selection committee will be comprised of the Chair of Visual Arts, one faculty member in the Department of Visual Arts and another art professional, e.g., curator at the McIntosh Gallery or a community artist. This award was established by Bill Gray (BA Honors Business '70) and wife Nancy Gray. 

Value:  $2,000.