Report of the Operations/Agenda Committee

Senate Agenda EXHIBIT I September 19, 1997


1. Senate Membership: Student Constituencies

Recommended: That, pursuant to Senate regulations for the Filling of Vacancies, the Senate seat held by Jerry Topolski, elected representative for the undergraduate Faculty of Social Science constituency, be declared vacant as a result of his resignation, and that Helen Simpson, a Social Science student and runner-up in the At Large constituency during the last election, be elected to complete Mr. Topolski's term (to October 31, 1997).

Recommended: That the following be elected to Senate to serve to October 31, 1997, to fill seats created in the recent restructuring of Senate:

Undergraduate Students: Megan Symsyk (Affiliated Colleges)

Sam Castiglione (At Large)

Graduate Students: Darryl Jacobson

2. Election Procedures: Nominations of Representatives of Faculty

Recommended: That Senate Election Procedures with regard to nomination forms submitted by representatives of Faculty be revised to remove the reference to Divisional Committees in the Faculty of Graduate Studies:


The Secretary of Senate shall, within the first three weeks of September each year, call for nominations of candidates to represent the academic units.

The nomination of a candidate shall be on a prescribed form available at the Office of the Secretary of the Senate. Such form shall be signed in one of the following ways:

a. by 10 members or 10%, whichever is the lesser, of the members eligible to vote in the academic unit or constituency to be represented;

b. by the Nominating Committee of the Council of that unit through the Chair of the Nominating Committee [DELETE or;

c. in the case of the four divisions of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, by the Divisional Committee through the Chair of the Divisional Committee.]

Nomination forms signed only by the Chair of a Nominating Committee [DELETE or a Divisional Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies] [ADD or, if the Chair is unavailable, the Dean,] shall be valid when the Chair [ADD or Dean] is reporting for the Committee.

The agreement of the nominee to be a candidate for election shall be shown by the signature of said nominee on the nomination form or in an attached letter. Any person nominated, who might not be available to sign the nomination sheet, shall be permitted to notify the Secretary of Senate by mail of his/her intention to be a candidate up until the final date for nomination call.


The Constitution of the Faculty of Graduate Studies was recently revised. Revisions included a restructuring of the Divisions of the Faculty and the establishment of a Nominating Committee composed of the Dean and Associate Deans of Graduate Studies, the Chairs of the four Divisions, and the President of the Society of Graduate Students.

The amendment to permit nomination forms to be signed on behalf of the Nominating Committee by the Dean if the Chair of the Nominating Committee is unavailable, will increase the ability of Faculties to report their Nominating Committee's decision to the University Secretariat before the deadline.

3. University Council on Animal Care

Recommended: That the composition of UCAC be amended as follows:

Four members elected by Senate, two of whom shall not be bioscientists,[ADD and none of whom are members of the Animal Use Subcommittee]

Two individuals from outside the University Community,[ADD neither of whom is a member of the Animal Use Subcommittee,] to be appointed by the President and Vice-Chancellor


In March 1996, the composition of UCAC was revised by removing all faculty members who at that time were also members of the Animal Use Subcommittee. The reason for that change was that UCAC hears appeals against decisions made by the Animal Use Subcommittee regarding teaching and research protocols, and therefore membership on both committees would create a conflict of interest in the case of an appeal. The proposed revisions will make it clear that the same principle applies to those who are elected by Senate to serve on UCAC.

4. Animal Use Subcommittee

Recommended: That in the case of the Animal Use Subcommittee, the Senate approve an exception to the Senate By-Law VI.6. which states "The Chair of a Senate Committee, Council or Board shall be an ex officio member of its subcommittees", and that the Chair of the University Council on Animal Care be removed from the membership of AUS, and

That the composition of the Animal Use Subcommittee be revised as follows:

DELETE: Chair, UCAC, who shall be Vice-Chair

One faculty member from University Hospital, appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of University Hospital

One faculty member from Victoria Hospital, appointed by the Vice-President Research/Academic of Victoria Hospital


Two faculty members from the London Health Sciences Centre, appointed by the Vice-President Research and Innovation. One member must be from University Campus and one member from Westminster Campus.


The reason for removing the Chair of the UCAC is the same as indicated in the background for proposal 3. above. The change in faculty representation from the teaching hospitals reflects changes in the structure of the hospitals.

5. Senate Nominating Committee

Recommended: That the composition of the Senate Nominating Committee be revised as shown below:

Eight members of Senate, elected by Senate, at least one of whom shall be a graduate student, and at least one an undergraduate student. Not more than two members from a single academic unit. The Faculty of Graduate Studies is not considered an academic unit in this context.

[DELETE: There will also be eight members of Senate elected as Alternates one for each regular member. An Alternate will attend meetings when the member for whom he was elected is unable to attend. ]

[ADD: There will be three Alternates who are members of Senate, one of whom is a student, to attend meetings when regular members are unable to attend.]

Ex officio: President & Vice-Chancellor Provost & Vice-President (Academic) Vice-President (Administration) Secretary of Senate (non-voting)

The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected annually by the voting members of the Committee.

6. Composition of SCUP

Recommended: That the composition of SCUP be amended to add the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies as an ex officio member of the Committee.


The responsibilities of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies extend across all the faculties and professional schools, and the Dean's involvement is therefore vital to all academic planning activities of the University. It is appropriate that this perspective be available to SCUP in the Committee's role as the senior committee charged with long-range planning issues.


Order of Convocation - Fall 1997

The order of Convocation for Fall 1997 is as follows:

Thursday, October 23, 1997 - Afternoon [3:30 p.m.]

Faculty of Graduate Studies Richard Ivey School of Business Faculties of Applied Health Sciences*, Dentistry*, Education, Engineering Science, Kinesiology*, Law, Medicine*, Music, and Nursing*

Friday, October 24, 1997 - Morning [10:00 a.m.]

Faculties of Arts and Science and Brescia, Huron and King's Colleges

Friday, October 24, 1997 - Afternoon [3:30 p.m.]

Faculty of Social Science Faculty of Part-Time & Continuing Education*

* Note: Students graduating in the Fall will not have taken courses in the new merged Faculties and will therefore graduate with the former Faculty name.