Western’s Executive Compensation Framework

For the past seven years, executive salaries across the broader public sector, including those at Ontario’s 21 universities, have been frozen by the provincial government. Since 2015, the province has been working with broader public sector employers to draft a new executive compensation framework. Western University’s draft framework was posted today.

The Board of Governors welcomes your feedback on this draft document.

The government’s executive compensation framework requires the University to choose comparator organizations whose executive salaries will inform and set the new executive compensation caps for the President, Provost and three Vice-Presidents.

Across the broader public sector, this has been an important process as we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities over the next 10 years – and beyond. For Western, this new compensation framework will shape the University’s ability to attract and retain the outstanding leadership we require to achieve excellence on the world stage.

Please take the time to read the draft document and share your thoughts via email at execcomp@uwo.ca no later than May 25, 2018.

Final approval of the framework rests with the provincial government.


Thank you.

Paul Jenkins
Chair, Board of Governors
Western University