Active Learning

See also: Teaching Large Classes, Student Engagement

Articles and Presentations

Incorporating Active Learning into Your Lectures
Article from Reflections, by Colin Baird and Karen Edge
June 1997

External Links

Active Learning: Creating Excitment in the Classroom
By Charles Bonwell and James Eison

Active Learning with PowerPoint
Discusses Active Lecturing, Active Learning Strategies, Effective Handouts, Games in PowerPoint, and Formative Assessment. Created by the Center for Teaching and Learning Services at the University of Minnesota

Alternative Strategies and Active Learning
Information on Peer Teaching, Cooperative Learning Groups, Simulations, Games, Written Assignments, and Out-of-Class Exercises. From the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Six Ways to Discourage Learning
Describes behaviours to note and avoid in teaching. By Douglas Duncan, American Astronomical Society Education Office, and Amy Singel Southon, Chicago Botanic Gardens.