Building a Mentoring Program and Culture (pdf) - Mary Deane Sorcinelli, "Mentoring Matters" (May 2010)

Building an Effective Mentoring Network (pdf) - Mary Deane Sorcinelli, "Mentoring Matters" (May 2010)

Online Resources

Mutual Mentoring Resources, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

New faculty mentoring: Best practices and recommendations, University of Guelph, 2005.

Faculty mentoring guidelines, Washington State University. (This is a useful source to address the unique and varied experiences of female faculty.)

Faculty mentoring program for women, University of Texas, El Paso.

Mentoring for Faculty, University of Southern California, Center for Excellence in Teaching.

Guidelines for the School of Medicine: Faculty mentoring program, University of Pennsylvania .

Preparing future faculty, Tufts University. (The Center for Academic Excellence has compiled a number of resources to help senior faculty mentor junior members. There are many useful links at this site)

Faculty of Science Mentoring Program
, University of Alberta.

Western Guide to Mentorship in Academia Western Guide to Mentorship in Academia

Donald G. Cartwright

This 21 page guide (PDF) addresses the importance of mentoring for new faculty members, describes the pros and cons of various mentorship models, and offers advice for mentors and mentees.

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“When a department makes a new hire at the assistant professor level, it has invested in one of its most valuable resources: a tenure-track faculty position. If the department does not nurture that new professor, it greatly reduces the probability of a good return on that investment. On the other hand, if the department facilitates access to the knowledge and resources required to develop a new faculty member’s career, the payoff is likely to be a valued colleague for many years. If a new faculty member is successful, everyone benefits.”

Marjorie A. Olmstead
Mentoring New Faculty:
Advice to Departmental Chairs

Women in Academe
Guidelines, articles, research, and other resources on women in academe.
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