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Inserting Video into PowerPoint (QuickTime, 35 MB)
Mike Atkinson, Faculty Associate, Teaching Support Centre
Reflections Newsletter No. 68, April 2013
Videos can make your presentations come alive. But what's the best way to launch a video file from PowerPoint? This video clip will explain the three methods that are available to use to add video to your lectures.

The End of Wonder in the Age of Whatever
Dr. Michael Wesch, Kansas State University
Keynote speaker at the Technology in Education Sympoisum, Western University, March 2013

A Guide to Technology Enabled Learning
Debra Dawson, Director, Teaching Support Centre
Presentation delivered at the Innovation and Productivity Roundtable, Fanshawe College, July 2012

Instructional Technology: Functions and Best Practices
Mike Atkinson, Faculty Associate, Teaching Support Centre
Reflections Newsletter No. 46, November 2001

Teaching Excellence and the Wired Professor
Timothy A. Pychyl, Ph.D., Carleton University
Presentation delivered at the University of Western Ontario, September 27, 2002.


For information on clickers, please visit the PressWestern site.

Clicker and Learning Goal Workshop Materials For Facilitators
The University of Colorado at Boulder
Browse activities, clicker questions, and slides all geared towards helping faculty use clickers and peer instruction effectively.

External Links

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. Highlights:

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
The AACE encourages scholarly inquiry related to information technology in education and the dissemination of research results and their applications.

Merlot (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)
The goal of Merlot “is to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning by increasing the quantity and quality of peer reviewed online learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed course." It is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected along with database of faculty who have used these multimedia resources. The site also allows the sharing of advice and expertise about education with colleagues.

Martin Ryder of the University of Colorado at Denver, School of Education has compiled an extensive list of resources on instructional technology, including the following topics:

  • Theory & Philosophy in Education, Technology and Culture.
  • Current Research about Learning and the Cognitive Sciences.
  • On-line Journals in Education, Communications and Culture.
  • Distance Ed Approaches, resources and available courses.
  • Teaching and Learning on the Internet local to virtual pedagogy.
  • Performance Technology going beyond technical training.
  • Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management
  • Instructional Technology in the news

Teaching, Learning, and Technology
A non-profit group focused on improving teaching and learning in higher education. The group organizes Teaching Learning with Technology Roundtables (TLTR) which facilitate diverse groups of people working together to institute educational improvement.

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a valued source for professional development, and leadership for innovation. A nonprofit membership association, ISTE provides leadership and service to improve teaching, learning, and school leadership by advancing the effective use of technology in PK–12 and teacher education. Although not directly related to higher education many of these resources can be applied to university instruction .