Information Literacy

Information Literacy is defined as the skills and abilities that facilitate efficiently accessing, critically assessing, effectively assimilating, and responsibly applying information. It is critical to academic success as well as foundational to lifelong learning. Librarians are key partners in creating learning environments that foster the development of information literacy skills in courses, programs and curricula at Western.


Instructional Objectives & Information Literacy (PDF) - Tom Adam

Other key information literacy resources

Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of the American Library Association, consolidated what it means to be information literate specifically for the higher education context, issued in January 2000.

Standards Toolkit
The ACRL developed the Standards Toolkit as a set of tools, web pages and other resources that will assist faculty and librarians in implementing the standards

Australia and New Zealand Information Literacy Framework
Librarians in Australia and New Zealand have been leaders in embedding information search and evaluation skills into course curriculum at the post secondary level. Practice has informed their adaptation of the ACRL Standards. Information Literacy as a foundation for lifelong learning has been another focus of their efforts. In January 2004, a revised edition of the Information Literacy Framework was issued.

Australia and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy (ANZIIL)
Founded in 2003, The Australian and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy (ANZIIL) supports organisations, institutions and individuals in the promotion of information literacy and, in particular, the embedding of information literacy within the total educational process. The institute also collects resources related to information literacy.

Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT)
Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) is a roundtable of the American Library Association. It advocates library instruction as a means for developing competent library and information use as a part of lifelong learning. Lots of useful information, from a library of assessment instruments to examples of successful information literacy tutorials can be accessed from the LIRT website.

ACRL Instruction Section
With the overwhelming amount of information available in today's world, it is more imperative than ever that students be taught to locate and to critically evaluate resources. The Instruction Section of ACRL provides ideas, conferences, learning programs, and networking to support the practicing academic librarian in this task.