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Assessment Learning Cycle

Assessment is an iterative feedback process for continual program improvement, based on the model to the right.

The assessment cycle is an integral part of student-centered education. It provides an ongoing mechanism for challenging tacit assumptions about program effectiveness, identifying conflicting program elements, and assuring that student learning objectives are met. It also allows for evolution of program goals over time. Although it is by no means an easy task to define learning objectives and measurable outcomes for an educational program, faculty engaged in the process inevitably and uniformly are rewarded by identifying with heightened clarity what it is they are trying to accomplish and how they can better go about it.

From the Center for Instructional Innovation, Western Washington University


Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions

Assessment: Designing Effective Multiple-choice and Short Answer Questions (Manual)
Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences, 3rd Edition
Test Blueprint (Example)
Major Categories in the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Bloom, 1956)
Writing Effective Multiple Choice Exams by Dr. Mike Atkinson (Reflections Newsletter Excerpt)

Presentations on Assessment

How Assessment Works (Dr. Debra Dawson)
Creating Valid and Reliable Classroom Tests (Wollack, Siegler, Kang, Wells)
Short Answer and Short Essay (Dr. Debra Dawson)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Item analysis for multiple choice exams (Dr. Mike Atkinson)
Multiple-Choice Item Design (Dr. Mike Atkinson)

Articles and Books

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Best Practices for Assessing Group Work
Approaches to designing and assessing group work.
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Multiple Choice Workshop
Workshop designed by Marilyn Robinson provides detailed guide to assessment using multiple choice questions.
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