Academic Integrity Tutorial

Academic integrity is a fundamental principle of teaching, learning, scholarship and research. Western is an intellectual community where students and faculty members come together in an environment rich in intellectual resources to pursue a multiplicity of academic interests. We recognize, as a community of learners, that the avoidance of plagiarism and other scholastic offences is an intellectual and moral journey. This tutorial is designed for students to continue their paths to understand what academic integrity is, and to teach them the skills necessary to avoid committing an academic offence. This journey will involve choices that students will be making while enrolled at Western, and those choices will prepare students for life after graduation.

What is the Academic Integrity Tutorial?

Western's Academic Integrity Tutorial (AIT) is a OWL joinable site designed to help students learn about issues of academic integrity. It offers strategies and information to help students succeed, including . . .

  • An overview of scholastic offences as outlined in the Western's Academic Calendar under the sub heading "Scholastic Discipline for Undergraduate Students" and "Scholastic Discipline for Graduate Students"
  • Where to find help and positive strategies students can use to improve their academic efforts
  • Case studies on recognizing plagiarism and acknowledging sources
  • An online quiz: a self-test allowing students to gauge how well they understand issues related to academic integrity

How to Use the Academic Integrity Tutorial

The tutorial is available too all students as a joinable site in OWL. Steps to join the site are as follows:

  1. Click on My Workspace tab
  2. Click on Membership
  3. Click on Joinable Sites
  4. Find Academic Integrity Tutorial
  5. Click on Join

Students can work through the tutorial sequentially using the navigation menu on the left side of the page. In several places, they will be directed to a new page in a new window. After reading the information, close the window to return to the tutorial.

At the end of the tutorial, students will be invited to take a self-test. When all of the questions are answered correctly, students will have completed the Academic Integrity Tutorial successfully. Most people find that it is faster to review the information before taking the quiz than it is to try to pass the quiz and then review the sections they did not know.

This tutorial has been adapted with permission from The Centre for Support of Teaching, York University.

Academic Integrity Module - Graduate Students

Effective January 2013, all incoming graduate students are required to complete the SGPS Academic Integrity module in order to progress beyond the first term of their degree.

This short module is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and resources to abide by academic principles during your graduate career and to help combat scholastic offenses. When finished with the course, students are required to complete a 10-question test designed to evaluate their knowledge of academic integrity. Students have an unlimited amount of opportunities to pass the module, and failure to do so will prevent the student from progressing beyond the first term of their degree.

Eligible students can access the module in the Graduate Student Web Services Portal. The majority of the module's learning materials are also posted on the Office of the Ombudsperson's webpage.

Please note that this module is different from the undergraduate Academic Integrity Tutorial from Sakai. You will find useful information on how to appropriately reference graphs and data; cite research papers and credit the work of researchers in collaborative studies.