Tutorials, Labs, and Office Hours

As a TA, you may teach in a wide variety of settings. Regular teaching assistant duties range from guiding students through laboratory experiments to leading discussions in a tutorial session to providing one-on-one guidance in office hours. Each of these situations draws on a different skill set and has its own unique set of rewards and challenges. This session describes typical tutorial, lab and office hour settings and provides tips for TAing as effectively as possible in each.

Being an effective lab TA
Supervising a lab poses specific challenges that are not found in other teaching environments.
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Specific tips for tutorials and office hours
Tutorials vary greatly between departments and faculties. Some are optional, some are mandatory, some are strictly extra-help sessions and some are small classes where new information is presented.
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Dealing with students in crisis
As you get to know your students well, they may come to you with a multitude of concerns.
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