Case Studies in Marking

Be prepared

Consider each of the following marking related situations. If this happened to you do you have a strategy to handle the situation? Talk to other TAs in your department, your TA supervisor, the Teaching Support Centre or Ombuds person for ideas on how you might resolve these situations.

Hard Knocks:

A delegation of students arrives at your office complaining that the marks in your tutorial section are consistently 5% lower than those of other sections. How would you proceed?

Reuse? Recycle?

While spring-cleaning his office after the end of term, John discovers a stack of marked essays that were never claimed by students. What should he do with them?

The Straw That Broke Convocation’s Back:

A tearful student arrives at your office. He explains that he needs 60% in your course to graduate and that a mark of 75% rather than the 70% that you gave his essay would make the difference. He claims he worked much harder on his essay that any of his friends who got 80%. His single mother already has a non-refundable airline ticket from the Virgin Islands to attend Convocation. He has already been hired at a firm back home – provided he takes home a degree. What would you do?