Leading Discussions

When you lead a class discussion do you sometimes have trouble getting students to participate? Do you find that your discussions often go off topic? Does one student always dominate the conversation? Learning how to lead a discussion effectively can be a challenge. Finding a safe atmosphere in which to practice the skills can be even more challenging. Some of the models listed below will help you to be a more effective faciliator of class discussions. At TATP we will work through these models as a group and you will leave this session with instant discussion experience and the confidence to try these models in your own classes.

Discussion models
Listed below are instructions for leading six different discussion models, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each.
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Stages in group development
Tuckman (1965) developed a model characterizing the five stages usually experienced by groups as they accomplish tasks.
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Common problems and possible solutions
Have you ever experienced any of the situations listed below?
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Heated discussions
Sometimes discussions can deteriorate into heated argument.
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