Lesson Design

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Learning Styles Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)
BOPPPS Lesson Design Overview
BOPPPS Online Lesson Planning Infographic (jpg)
Organizing Your Class
Whether your TA duties involve teaching a whole course, giving a few select lectures during the term, delivering a pre-lab demonstration, or simply introducing yourself to a tutorial section, you will be expected to give information to a group effectively.
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Instructional Aids
A teacher’s purpose is to help students learn. Instructional aids are meant to help communicate information: not dazzle or entertain.
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Active Learning
Active learning, as the name suggests, is a process whereby learners are actively engaged in the learning process.
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Overcoming Nerves
It is perfectly normal to be nervous in front of a group. Here are a few tips that you may find useful to help overcome pre-lecture jitters.
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