Suggestions for Written Feedback

Listed below are some examples of effective written feedback, both for correct and incorrect respones.

Positive Feedback for a Correct Response, Comment, or Answer

  • "Effective citations and sourcing support this argument very well."
  • "Your use of outside materials in support of your own observations is very effective. Your writing style is well developed and this paper was enjoyable to read. "
  • "This is a substantial improvement over past efforts, congratulations! Your hard work is paying off."

Positive Feedback for an Incorrect Response, Comment, or Answer

  • "This is a comma splice. Please refer to pages 224-5 of the style guide for ways to prevent these from happening and feel free to stop by my office hours if you would like to go over this in person."
  • "Please see me. There are several small problems here that we can fix more quickly by sitting down and discussing them. Can you meet me during office hours on Tuesday?"
  • "It appears that you do not have a complete understanding of this concept. I would be happy to refer to you other resources if you would like some additional insight into this subject."
  • "The words I have underlined are unnecessary and make your writing cluttered. If a word does not actively clarify something, leave it out."
  • "Your essay contains a number of grammatical errors that make it difficult to follow in places. Try reading it out loud to yourself before you hand it in and that may help fix some of the problems."