Dealing with Ethical Issues and Problem Students

Even the best-prepared TA will occasionally find themselves dealing with a difficult situation, whether in the form of malfunctioning equipment, a disgruntled student, or something else that they never could have predicted. At times like these, knowledge of key university services and policies can be invaluable. It is also useful to give some advance thought to common challenging situations and how you would deal with them. The UWO policy on academic integrity and the many services available on the UWO campus are listed below. Also take a moment to read through the case studies and think about how you would react in each situation.

Academic Integrity at Western - Links and Resources
Western University provides campus resources to support faculty members and graduate teaching assistants to ensure the academic integrity of all of our programs. In this section you will find a list of resources that will be useful for you to employ in the classroom.
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Case Studies
As a TA you may occasionally find yourself in situations where you are unsure how to proceed. You may feel conflicted if it seems like your various TA responsibilities are at odds with each other. Consider some of the situations below and think about how you might handle each of them.
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