Purple Guides

The Purple Guides address key issues in educational development, and are designed to foster a culture of excellence in teaching, learning and mentorship among both faculty and graduate students at Western.

For more information about the Purple Guide series, please email tsc@uwo.ca.

Graduate Program PracticesGraduate Program Practices at Western University (Revised 2014)

Gloria Leckie

Based on interviews with graduate chairs and faculty, the guide catalogues practices in graduate education, from recruitment through coursework, comprehensive exams, thesis proposals, to placement and tracking. Graduate Program Practices is available online as a clickable pdf that allows easy navigation of large amounts of data about graduate program practices at Western with hundreds of examples of what departments do to support their students' progress throughout their degrees. See the executive summary for a quick overview of best practices in action; and the appendix for templates, forms, and examples of thesis completion guidelines, progression time-lines or professional development sessions in a variety of departments.


Western Guide to Professional Master's Programs Western Guide to Professional Master's Programs

Gloria Leckie

The Western Guide to Professional Master's Programs is a new resource for departments that plan to introduce new Professional Master's (PMA) or Professional Science Master's (PSM) degrees.  The guide provides examples of existing programs, describes key criteria that new PSM programs need to meet, reviews issues in the development of new programs, and discusses the types of competencies professional programs promote in order to help their graduates compete on the job market.





Western Guide to Curriculum ReviewWestern Guide to Curriculum Review

Margaret McNay

Curriculum Review offers ideas about how to get started on the review process—questions to ask at the beginning of and during the process, suggestions about information to be gathered and how, issues to think about as you decide what to include in the curriculum, and ideas about how to teach the curriculum involving new and alternative pedagogies. Curriculum is not a simple matter; this guide is written to reflect some of the complexities of curriculum and, I hope, to be thought-provoking and challenging. I hope, as well that it provides just enough of a step-by-step guideline to be helpful with just about any curriculum review project.

See also: Curriculum Design resources







Western Guide to Mentoring Graduate Students Across CulturesWestern Guide to Mentoring Graduate Students Across Cultures

Nanda Dimitrov

The Western Guide to Mentoring Graduate Students Across Cultures is a handbook for graduate supervisors who work with students from cultures around the world. The guide addresses the most frequently occurring challenges in supervision across cultures and includes concrete mentoring strategies and case studies to help supervisors promote independence and initiative in their mentees, bridge power differences in the relationship, set boundaries, communicate effectively and support their students in the transition to Canadian academia.









Western Guide to Graduate SupervisionWestern Guide to Graduate Supervision

Elizabeth Skarakis-Doyle
Gayle McIntyre

Based on the experiences of Western's graduate supervisors, this 30 page guide (PDF) addresses the supervision of graduate students and focuses on best practices in mentoring, promoting student progress and clarifying expectations in the supervisor-student relationship.

More information on graduate supervision









Western Guide to Mentorship in AcademiaWestern Guide to Mentorship in Academia

Donald G. Cartwright

This 21 page guide (PDF) addresses the importance of mentoring for new faculty members, describes the pros and cons of various mentorship models, and offers advice for mentors and mentees.