Resources in the TSC Library

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1. Handling Hordes: Teaching Mass Lectures 
Purdue University 

2. Inequity in the Classroom 
Concordia University (1991) 

3. Teaching More Students 
Oxford Centre for Staff Development 

4. Media Series
Mount Royal College (1993)
a. Overhead Transparencies, Presentations and You
b. Slides, Presentations and You
c. Flip Charts, Presentations and You

5. Critical Incidents: A Teaching Development Resource 
University of Victoria 

6. Critical Incidents II: Close Encounters of the Academic Kind 
University of Victoria 

7. Critical Incidents III: Legends of the Fall Term 
University of Victoria 

8. Critical Incidents IV: Sense and Sensitivity: Issues of Fairness 
University of Victoria (1999) 

9. Critical Incidents V: Diversity and Inclusion 
University of Victoria (2001) 

10. UWO Faculty Members as Learners of Educational Technology to Enhance Classroom and Off-Campus Course Delivery 
UWO (1995) 

11. Making Large Classes Interactive 
University of Cincinnati (1995) 

12. Trigger Films on College Teaching
University of Pennsylvania 

13. Thinking Together, Collaborative Learning in Science 
Harvard University (1992) 

14. The Art of Discussion Leading, A Class with Chris Christensen 
Harvard University 

15. The Art of the Lecture: Justice, A Harvard University Course in Moral Reasoning 
Harvard University (1989) 

16. How to Teach Through Socratic Questioning 
Foundation for Critical Thinking (1996)
Part I - Asking Questions That Take Thinking Apart 
Part II - Using Intellectual Standards to Assess Thinking 
Part III - Asking Questions Based on Systems & Domains 

17. Small Group Learning "Overview of Theory & Practice"
Texas A&M University (1996) 

18. Difficult Dialogues 
PBS Adult Learning Service (1999) 

19. Supervision Scenes: Identifying Keys to Success 
University of British Columbia (1999) 

20. Teaching Large Classes 
Dalhousie University (2000) 

21. Teaching Students with Disabilities
University of Saskatchewan (2000) 

22. Faces of Diversity 
University of Saskatchewan (2001)


  • Developing Effective Peer Observation Instruments 

American Association for Higher Education 2001 

  • Mentoring Faculty for a Changing Profession

American Association for Higher Education 2001 

  • Taking a Big Picture Look at Technology, Learning, and the Changing Role of Faculty 

American Association for Higher Education 2001 

  • MERLOT: An International Teaching and Learning Resource for Faculty 

American Association for Higher Education 2001