Written Project

Choose ONE of the following three options:

Submit a 10-page Scholarship of Teaching & Learning research proposal.  This option requires the following:

  1. A review of at least five scholarly articles on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in your discipline.
  2. An identification of one or more critical issues for learning in your discipline.
  3. The articulation of a  research question that explores these critical learning issues.
  4. A proposal for several ways in which the research question could be investigated.

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Research Proposal Guideline (pdf)

Useful resources for preparing your research proposal


Design a new course in your discipline and submit a 10-page course outline. The course outline includes:

  1. A course description
  2. Rationale and learning outcomes for the course
  3. An outline of course topics and class activities
  4. A list of the required and recommended readings
  5. A breakdown of the assessment scheme for the course
  6. A description of assignments, exams and any other assessment mechanisms
  7. All relevant University-wide and course-specific policies
  8. A description of most frequently used teaching methods and activities. 

More information on preparing your course outline


Complete Graduate Studies 9500.