TA Training/Microteaching Requirement

Learning Outcomes for Microteaching

Individuals who microteach as part of the following programs will:

  • Approach their subsequent teaching duties with greater confidence
  • Plan and facilitate lessons in their own disciplines that engage students and incorporate active learning
  • Be receptive to feedback and revise teaching strategies based on comments and suggestions from peers
  • Provide effective, constructive feedback to peers on their teaching

Choose ONE of the following options:

1) TA Training Program (TATP)

This 2 ½ day intensive training program is designed for new TAs and includes workshops on grading practices, diversity in the classroom, leading discussions, using instructional technology and giving students feedback on written work.


2) Advanced Teaching Program (ATP)

ATP is a unique, 20 hour course designed for advanced graduate students who would like to develop the practical skills necessary to teach their own courses. Taught over 6 half-day sessions, the workshop touches on a number of topics including teaching for maximum impact, developing a culture of respect in your classroom and authentically assessing student learning.

In both TATP and ATP, participants gain hands-on teaching experience in videotaped microteaching sessions, where they have the opportunity to practice teaching skills and experiment with new techniques in front of a small group of your peers from whom you receive formative feedback


3) GS 9500: Theory and Practice of University Teaching Course

This 10-week graduate level course introduces students to the theory and practice of university teaching and includes four microteaching sessions & preparation of a teaching philosophy statement. GS 9500 represents a wonderful opportunity to engage in deep discussions about the goals and strategies of university education with like-minded peers from departments across campus. This course is offered by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and is open to all graduate students at Western.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing GS 9500 also satisfies the Written Project requirement of the Certificate. You will also complete an element of the Teaching Portfolio during this course.


4) Teaching in the Canadian Classroom

In this 20-hour seminar series for international graduate students, you will:

  • develop and expand on your teaching skills;
  • acquire greater confidence when presenting;
  • enhance your language skills and knowledge of Canadian teaching culture;
  • become adept at giving and receiving constructive feedback on teaching; and
  • learn about the educational backgrounds and expectations of Canadian students.

Workshop activities include microteaching and discussions of cultural differences in the classroom.


5) Teaching Statistics (SS 9450L)

This course takes a scholarly approach to the practice of statistics teaching. Emphasis is placed on effective communication of statistical concepts, the development of students' skills, recognition of common misconceptions and how to address them, and the use of statistical software and technology. No prior teaching experience is necessary. This course fulfills both the TA Training/Microteaching Requirement and the Written Project components of the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.