Certificate in University Teaching and Learning

Certificate Brochure

Western Certificate Roadmap (PDF)

Program Description

The goal of the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program is to enhance the quality of teaching by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, and to prepare them for a future faculty career. The presentation and group facilitation skills gained while completing the Certificate will not only benefit participants in pursuit of a faculty position, but are also valued by employers in business, industry and other non-academic fields. Program participants receive a certificate and a letter of accomplishment after they complete the following five program components:

  1. TA Training/Microteaching Requirement
  2. 10 workshops in the Future Professor Series
  3. The Teaching Mentor Program for Graduate Students
  4. Teaching Portfolio
  5. Written project

Registration Instructions

To receive the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, you must be enrolled in a graduate degree program or be a post-doctoral fellow at Western University and complete all program requirements during your program of study. Program components can be completed within one academic year, but you may choose to complete them over two, three or more years.

Registration for the certificate is available by logging in to the Teaching Support Centre registration system. In the left side menu, select the Certificates Overview link under the Teaching Support Centre section. 


Select Certificate in University Teaching, and then click on Enroll in Certificate.


Fill out and save the form using the button at the bottom of the page. You can come back and add information or upload documents at any time.

Accessing Your TSC Attendance Record

1) Login to CareerCentral with your Western username and password. 

2) The main page is automatically set to the tab "Dashboard". If you've attended events within the past year or so, you can find them on the tab at the far right labelled "Event Registration". These will list other registrations you've had within CareerCentral, so be sure to check that the "Module" column indicates Teaching Support Centre.

3) If you've attended events earlier than the summer of 2016, you'll want to return to the Dashboard tab and select "My Messages" just below the tab options. Older attendance should be listed there. 

If you have any questions or problems accessing your attendance records, please contact tsc@uwo.ca

Completing the Certificate

When you have completed all the components of the certificate and are ready to submit, please make sure all fields on the form are completed, then email tsc@uwo.ca Please make sure to include your Western username. A TSC staff member will verify your attendance, review your submissions, and contact you to schedule a feedback appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to register for the Certificate?

To register for the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, you must be enrolled in a graduate degree program or be a post-doctoral fellow at Western University.

How long does it take to complete the Certificate?

Program components can be completed within one year, but you may choose to complete the workshops over two, three or more years.

When should I sign up for the Certificate?

You may register for the Certificate any time during your graduate degree. If you had already attended TSC programs prior to registering for the Certificate, those will be credited to you and count towards the completion of the Certificate.

Are the GS 9500 course, ATP and TATP equivalent in the Certificate?

Yes, however GS 9500 requires a larger time commitment than either ATP or TATP. The advantage of GS 9500 is that participants prepare a teaching philosophy statement and complete writing assignments over the duration of the course which provides them with a head start on the "written project" components of the Certificate.

Do I need to complete the Certificate components in a specific order?

No. You may complete the programs and project requirements in any order, whenever it is most convenient for you. However, registration for certain programs is time sensitive (i.e. Teaching Mentor Program registration is only open for the first four weeks of the Fall and Winter semesters). It is your responsibility to be aware of such dates and to plan your Certificate progress accordingly.

I have been TAing a course in my department at Western for three years. I added a few readings to the course outline. Can I submit this to satisfy the course outline requirement?

No. The course outline you submit must be original work. We ask you to design a new course that has not been offered at Western before. You can only submit the outline of a course you have already taught if (1) you were the main instructor for the course and (2) you designed the course completely meaning that you did not simply continue to teach a course that was designed by someone else.

Who keeps track of my progress towards the Certificate?

It is the participants' responsibility to keep track of how many workshops they have completed. Please use this the form on the registration system (login required).

Can I submit the teaching dossier and written project components after my defence date?

You may submit the written components of the Certificate up to three months after your graduation or departure from Western.

Do Lead TA workshops count towards the certificate?

Yes. Lead TA Workshops fulfill credit requirements for Future Professor Workshops. Use the Lead TA Workshop Personal Progress Tracker to keep a record of the Lead TA Workshops you attend. Please note that you must get your Lead TA to sign the form to confirm your attendance, so remember to take this form with you to Lead TA workshops.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, please contact us at tsc@uwo.ca.