The Teaching Mentor Program for Graduate Students

Program Information

The Teaching Mentor Program for Graduate Students is a unique opportunity for graduate students to be observed in their personal teaching environment and to receive valuable feedback from peers on both their instruction methods and teaching philosophies.

Four graduate students will be assigned to a Mentor Group. Each group member commits to attending an organizational meeting, engaging in reciprocal observations of their colleagues’ teaching and providing written and verbal feedback to their colleagues during a final feedback meeting.

The Mentor Program is run only twice per academic year – in the Fall and Winter semesters.  Since the Program requires a significant amount of coordination and planning among group members, registration is only open for the first few weeks of those semesters.  After that point, Mentor groups are fixed and additional participants cannot join the Program. Thus, early registration is imperative.

Please note:  Graduate students or postdoctoral fellows not actively TAing or TAing in a role with limited student contact (e.g., marking) may register for the Program.  We will arrange for these participants to engage in an mock teaching opportunity.

The Teaching Mentor Program for Graduate Students is one of five components necessary to complete Western's Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

If you have questions about the Teaching Mentor Program for Graduate Students, please call 661-2111 ext. 84651, or email Karyn Olsen at

Upcoming Sessions

Winter 2015

Teaching Mentor Organizational Meeting
Friday, January 23rd, 2015
12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Univeristy Community Centre (UCC), Room 147A/B