Teaching Master Classes

Step into the classrooms of Western’s most respected and innovative instructors and observe them engaging with their undergraduate students, their course material, and their discipline. Following the in-class observation, join us to meet with these instructors and discuss the strategies they employ in their classrooms.

Each month we will feature one or two instructors from departments across campus who teach in varied classroom settings – large, small, upper year, survey, practical, theoretical. This is an excellent opportunity for you to benefit from the experience and insight of our most successful teachers. Limited space is available in each master class and registration is required.

Participation in a Teaching Master Class counts for one Future Professor Credit toward the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

Winter Sessions:


Lecture in Women's Studies
Tuesday March 4th, 2014
Classroom Observation: 1:30 - 4:20 pm, University College, Room 142
Post-Observation Discussion: 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm, Remain after class for discussion

Observe Dr. Sonia Halpern as she leads a second year Women's Studies course focused on women and the creative arts. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.

Lecture in Statistics
Wednesday March 5th, 2014
Classroom Observation: 12:30 - 1:20 pm, Natural Sciences Centre Room 1
Post-Observation Discussion: 1:45  - 2:45 pm, University Community Centre Room 147B

Observe Dr. Bethany White as she teaches an introductory course on the application of statistical methods to second year honours students from departments outside Statistical and Actuarial Sciences. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.

Lecture in Geography
Friday March 14th, 2014
Classroom Observation: 9:30 - 11:30 am, Social Science Centre, Room 3028
Post-Observation Discussion: 11:30 am  - 12:30 pm, University Community Centre (UCC) Room 54A

Join Dr. Graham Smith as he discusses geographical paradigms within a historical and social context with upper-year Geography students. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.

Lecture in English
Tuesday March 18th, 2014
Classroom Observation: 7:00 - 10:00 pm, Spencer Engineering Building, Room 1200
Post-Observation Discussion: NEXT DAY - Wednesday March 19th, 2014; 10:30  - 11:30 am, Teching Support Centre The D.B. Weldon Library Room 120

Observe Dr. Gabrielle Ceraldi as she discusses 'The Many Faces of Harry Potter' with her second year English students. Because this is an evening class (7:00 - 10:00 pm) the post-observation discussion will be held the following day in the Teaching Support Centre. Enrollment is limited to 12 participants.

Lecture in Physiology
Tuesday March 25th, 2014
Classroom Observation: 9:30 - 10:20 am, Natural Science Centre, Room 145
Post-Observation Discussion: 10:30  - 11:30 am, University Community Centre, Room 147B

Join Dr. Anita Woods as she instructs 560 first-year kinesiology students on the principles of human/mammalian metabolism and gastrointestinal physiology. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.


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