Graduate Studies 9500

The Theory and Practice of University Teaching

Graduate Studies 9500, an interdisciplinary graduate credit course on the theory and practice of university teaching, is offered by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The goals of the course are: (1) to familiarize students with background research and theory relevant to university teaching, and (2) to provide the opportunity for practice and feedback on basic teaching skills. Students are expected to actively participate in class meetings through discussions and other learning activities and through their involvement in mandatory microteaching sessions. Although the course will appear on the student's transcript, it may be used as a substitute for departmental course requirements only with special permission from the department. Course grades (fail, pass, or pass with distinction) will be forwarded to Graduate Chairs, but will not affect the student's academic average.

Graduate Studies 9500 will be offered again in Fall 2016. Registration will open in May 2016.

This course is best suited to those with some university teaching experience and is recommended for upper-year doctoral students.
Course enrollment is limited to 30 students.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing Graduate Studies 9500 satisfies the following components of the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning: the TA Training/Microteaching requirement, and the Written Project. You will also complete part of the Teaching Portfolio component during this course.

Course Information
Class Meetings:

Graduate Fall Term 2015
September 14th, 2015 to December 9th, 2015
Classes held weekly, every Monday & Wednesday
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Mondays: The D.B. Weldon Library Room 121 
Wednesdays: WALS Classroom (UCC 66)

Registration Information:

Register online using the link below. We will contact you by email in August and ask that you complete and return a registration form.

Course Coordinators:

Dr. Nanda Dimitrov
Teaching Support Centre
The D.B. Weldon Library
Phone: 661-2111 Ext. 84624

Dr. Gavan Watson
Teaching Support Centre
The D.B. Weldon Library
Phone: 661-2111 Ext. 84612

Course Syllabus:

GS 9500B Winter 2015 Course Outline (Fall 2015 Course Outline coming soon)

Course Website: Only available to enrolled students