Perspectives on Teaching Conference

The TSC organizes a one-day conference, Perspectives on Teaching, each fall and spring for faculty, staff and graduate students. The conference includes sessions on effective lecturing, innovative teaching techniques, problem solving and self-directed teaching/learning, evaluation methods, grading practices, blended learning and other teaching-related issues.

Upcoming Conference

Fall Perspectives on Teaching Conference

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Social Science Centre, Room 2050

Mathew Ouellett

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Mike Atkinson
Department of Psychology, Western University
Topic: The New Science of Learning
The students of today are somehow “different” than they were 30 years ago … but how? Do they approach the university with a different set of goals? Do they have different expectations? How do they learn? Much attention has been given to learning styles, learning preferences, multitasking, technology, and so on. But how do we move information from the external world and consolidate it into an event we call learning? Dr. Atkinson will discuss the new science of learning and consider the implications of cognitive science for today’s—and tomorrow's—universities.

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Past Conferences
A collection of slides and video clips from past Perspectives, and a list of past programs.
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Handouts from Spring Perspectives 2014

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