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E-Learning Resources

Are you teaching online? Creating a blended learning course? Preparing to be an online TA? This page will connect you with strategies and best practices for a variety of topics in e-learning, including course design for online learning and strategies for facilitating discussions or managing assignment online.

Check back often to see our "E-Learning Tip of the Week." If you have used or developed a creative online learning activity that your students loved, send us a brief description and we will share it as the e-learning tip of the week.

If you are looking for e-learning support, please email: elearning-support@uwo.ca

eLearning Tips
Tips on e-learning from the Teaching Support Centre team.
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eLearning Toolkit

The eLearning Toolkit is a collection of eLearning concepts and technologies available at Western University, developed by the ITRC and eLearning Technology teams in ITS.

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eLearning Conversation Series
eLearning Conversation Series is an informal monthly series for faculty members interested in building a community of scholars focusing on developing their practice in topics related to eLearning.
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Online Teaching Resources

Recommended resources for instructors who teach online.

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Teaching Online 101 (OWL)

This OWL course was created by our e-learning and Curriculum Specialists as an exemplar of an online course. Its purpose is to allow instructors to see one way that an online course can be constructed.

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Teaching with Technology Workshops
Lists programs offered by the Teaching Support Centre related to e-learning, instructional technology, and online teaching.
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Western Active Learning Space (WALS)

The new WALS classroom features instructional technologies and uses space in innovative ways to facilitate collaboration and active learning.

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eLearning Tools
A collection of  instructional tools, new ideas, and good practices for effective use of technology in education.
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Instructional Technology Resource Centre

The ITRC employs student consultants who work directly with faculty on specific projects to create online or multimedia instructional material.

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