3M National Teaching Fellowships

Call for Nominations

Deadline for receipt of nominations to Office of Vice-Provost (Academic Programs and Students) - email Sandra Thornton sthornto@uwo.ca: August 17, 2012

Deadline for receipt of nominations to STLHE: August 31, 2012

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and 3M Canada have joined together to reward exceptional contributions to teaching and learning at Canadian universities.  As part of their collaboration, they established the 3M Teaching Fellowship in 1986.

Awards are open to any individual currently teaching at a Canadian university regardless of discipline or level of appointment.  The selection committee will look for independent evidence that the nominee's teaching is very highly regarded both by peers and students, as well as evidence that the nominee has played a leadership role in the improvement of university teaching and learning beyond his or her own courses at the candidate's institution and perhaps beyond. A letter of support from the Provost must accompany nomination documentation.

Details regarding nomination process, award eligibility, etc. can be found at:


3M National Teaching Fellowship Recipients

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
JOHNSON, Marjorie Anatomy and Cell Biology 2012
SILCOX, Jim Obstetrics & Gynecology 2008
ALLAHAR, Anton Sociology 2005
GARCIA, Bertha Pathology 2004
CHAN, Francis Ping-Hung Anatomy & Cell Biology 2000
ATKINSON, Mike Psychology 1998
CARTWRIGHT, Donald Geography 1996
HAFFIE, Tom Plant Sciences (now in Biology) 1995
BENTLEY, David English 1994
MERCER, Paul Physiology 1994
FENTON, Brock Biology (received award while at York University) 1993
ROBINSON, Marilyn Physiology 1993
MURRAY, H. G. Psychology 1992
WESTON, Wayne Medicine 1992
GEDALOF, Alan English (now in Film Studies) 1991
GAILY, T. D. Physics 1991
LENNON, Madeline Modern Languages and Literatures (now in Visual Arts) 1990
BAIRD, Colin Chemistry 1990
SILLS, Paul Dentistry 1989
ROSATI, Peter Engineering 1988
ERSKINE, James Business 1986
GILLESE, Eileen Law 1986