Teaching Fellows

Western’s Teaching Fellows are outstanding educators who, in partnership with the Teaching Support Centre, provide educational leadership to the university community, perform research on teaching and learning, and disseminate the outcomes of their work locally, nationally and internationally.

For more information about the Faculty-Specific Fellows Program and the Teaching Fellows' projects, please see the 2017 Teaching Fellows Report.

University-wide Initiatives

Michael AtkinsonMichael Atkinson (Active Learning, Large Class Teaching, Assessment)

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
BA, (Dalhousie)
MSc, Ph.D., (Wisconsin-Madison)

Phone: (519) 661-2111, ext. 84644
E-Mail: atkinson@uwo.ca

Mike is an expert on large class instruction and the use of multimedia in the classroom. He is a recipient of the University Students' Council Teaching Award of Excellence (1996), the 3M National Teaching Fellowship (1998), and a multi-year recipient of the UWO Western Psychology Association Psychology Professor of the Year Award.



Gloria LeckieGloria Leckie (Faculty Mentor Program)

Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Information and Media Studies
MLIS, MA, Ph.D., (Western)
Phone: (519) 661-2111, ext. 86459
E-Mail: leckie@uwo.ca

Gloria coordinates the Faculty Mentor Program, which is designed to make the experience, knowledge, and expertise of colleagues available to new faculty.  


Carol BeynonCarol Beynon (Graduate Education)

Associate Professor, Music Education, Faculty of Education
Email: beynon@uwo.ca

Dr. Carol Beynon is investigating alternative forms of scholarship for Western’s 54 PhD programs. She has served in several senior administrative roles at Western, including Associate Vice Provost of the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies and acting Dean of the Faculty of Education. Carol is the first author of the book Learning to Teach published by Pearson Canada (2001) and co-editor of Critical Perspectives in Canadian Music Education (2012), and also a co-investigator with the multidisciplinary SSHRC funded project, entitled Advanced Interdisciplinary Research in Singing (AIRS). Carol has received several awards for outstanding teaching and in 2010, she was inducted into the “Wall of Fame” at the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

Faculty-Specific Initiatives

The Faculty-specific Teaching Fellows carry-out projects related to technology-enabled learning. They are partially seconded to the TSC for a three-year term and receive funding to develop, conduct, and assess the impacts of their proposed innovations. These Fellows also provide faculty-specific guidance in teaching and learning through the coordination of workshops, learning communities, and other professional development opportunities.

Introducing the 2017 Cohort

We are excited to announce that four extraordinary educators joined the growing cohort of Teaching Fellows in 2017.

Immaculate NamukasaImmaculate Namukasa (Education)

Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics
Ph.D. (University of Alberta)

Phone: 519.661.2111, ext. 82271
E-mail: inamukas@uwo.ca

 Immaculate is developing and facilitating interactive modules, coordinating workshops, and establishing a community of practice, all centred around maker activities (i.e., technology supported do-it-yourself activities in which participants create physical, sensory, and/or digital objects). 



David WaltonDavid Walton (Health Sciences)

Associate Professor, School of Physical Therapy
Ph.D. (University of Western Ontario)

Phone: 519 661-2111, ext. 80145
E-mail: dwalton5@uwo.ca 

David is designing the curriculum for a new one-year course-based Master’s degree in Interprofessional Pain Management. This unique program will be the first collaborative team integrated competency-based (CTIC) graduate program in Pain Management in the world.


Tom Haffie and Lindi Wahl (Science)

Lindi WahlTom HaffieTom:

Lecturer, Department of Biology
M.Sc. (University of Saskatchewan)

Phone: (519) 661-2111, ext. 86502
Email: thaffie@uwo.ca


Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics
D. Phil (Oxford)

Phone: 519-661-2111. ext. 88795
Email: lwahl@uwo.ca

For Tom and Lindi’s joint project, they will embed undergraduate and graduate students into Science education as active and essential partners. To achieve this goal, they will develop the Student Fellowship in Science Education, design and teach a new for-credit multidisciplinary course on the theory and practice of science education, and develop a graduate-undergraduate student mentoring program.  

Current Teaching Fellows


Angela Borchert (Arts & Humanities)

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Ph.D., (Princeton)

Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext.82210 
E-mail: borchert@uwo.ca

Angela will develop an e-portfolio-based curriculum in intercultural communication in the context of a community of practice in Modern Languages and Literatures. With e-portfolio templates, Arts & Humanities students will create individual learning plans, demonstrate learning outcomes and showcase creative critical thinking.


Ralph Buchal (Engineering)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
Ph.D., (University of British Columbia)

Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext.88454 
E-mail: rbuchal@eng.uwo.ca

Ralph will develop tools to engage students in computer-supported collaborative knowledge building in face-to-face, blended and online courses, using a design-based research methodology.


Sarah McLeanSarah Mclean (Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry)

Assistant Professor, Bachelor of Medical Sciences Program
BMSUE Educator/eLearning Coordinator
Ph.D., (Western University)

Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext.88587
E-mail: sarah.mclean@schulich.uwo.ca

Sarah is an Educator and eLearning coordinator for Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Sarah is passionate about teaching and has a keen interest in developing blended classrooms and laboratories by incorporating both online learning and traditional face-to-face learning environments. Her research interests include assessing students' interactions with online learning materials as well as their perception of the instructor in blended courses.

Sarah is creating online rat dissection and 'choose your own adventure' experimental simulations that will help students gain 'hands-on' anatomy experience in a virtual laboratory environment.


Sandra Smeltzer (Faculty of Information and Media Studies)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Ph.D., (Carleton University)

Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext.86112
E-mail: ssmeltze@uwo.ca

Sandra will create a community of practice for faculty members interested in enriching current international service learning and research. She will develop a new theory/praxis seminar course for FIMS that critically examines concepts and case studies of service learning and how they intersect with the field of media studies and communications.

Previous Teaching Fellows

Dan BelliveauDan Belliveau (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Associate Professor, School of Health Studies
B.Sc., (St. Francis Xavier University)
Ph.D., (University of Western Ontario)

A neuroscientist and gross anatomist by training, Dan's research interest focuses on the "science of learning". Dan is an associate professor in the School of Health Studies where he investigates the impact of technology in the classroom (e.g., peer competition on learning, blended learning enhancements to laboratory and tutorial classes). Dan's Teaching Fellowship will focused on the development of a MOOC (massive open online course) to facilitate the transition into the discipline of Health Science for first-year students admitted to Western.

Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson (Social Science)

Assistant Professor, Political Science Department
Ph.D., (University of British Columbia)

Peter worked collaboratively with librarians to design online modules that support the development of information literacy skills among undergraduate students.

George GadanidisGeorge Gadanidis (Mathematics Education)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

George spends 50-60 days each year in elementary school classrooms, collaborating with teachers to develop and research math experiences for students and their parents that offer the pleasure of mathematical surprise, insight and beauty. Using documentaries of this work (www.researchideas.ca), George developed a freely accessible online Math-for-Teachers textbook for the  2-year BEd program. The textbook includes classroom videos, animations, simulations, and interactive explorations.

Bethany WhiteBethany White (Science Education)

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
BScH -- Mathematics and Statistics (Acadia University)
MMATH, Ph.D. in Statistics-Biostatistics (University of Waterloo)

Bethany's research interests relate to the impact of structured technology-enabled activities and course formats on students' learning and attitudes. Her Teaching Fellow project involved the development and evaluation of adaptive online learning modules that target challenging foundational statistical concepts.e