New registration system

New registration system

We've recently transitioned to a new registration system. We're using CareerCentral for all Teaching Support Centre events that require registration. Attendance records for recent events have been imported. If you have any questions or concerns about your records, email

How do I...

view upcoming events?

Public Event Calendar for all TSC events 

Graduate Student Events

Faculty Events

register for events?

Login to the registration system. Authenticating via LDAP may take several moments, particularly during peak hours.

Either: (1) select Teaching Support Centre from the left side menu and go to the event calendar, or (2) go back to the TSC website or the email advertisement and click the direct event link.

view my attendance at previous TSC events

The main page is automatically set to the tab "Dashboard". If you've attended events within the past year or so, you can find them on the tab at the far right labelled "Event Registration". These will list other registrations you've had within CareerCentral, so be sure to check that the "Module" column indicates Teaching Support Centre.

If you've attended events earlier than the summer of 2016, you'll want to return to the Dashboard tab and select "My Messages" just below the tab options. Older attendance should be listed there. 

Problems & Solutions

I can't login.

Make sure you are using your Western username. If it does not work, please email for assistance. If you do not have a Western Identity and would like to register for an event, please email

I can login, but I cannot see any Teaching Support Centre content.

Your status may be incorrect in our system. Please let us know at so we can adjust your account. Make sure to include your Western username.

I can login, but I cannot find the event.

Some events are restricted to certain user groups (e.g. faculty only) and are not visible to other user groups. If you think that you are eligible to attend, let us know at and we may be able to register you from the admin side.

I can login and find the event, but I can't register.

Many of our programs have limited capacity. If there is a waitlist, please register on it and you will be moved into the registration when a space opens up. If there is no waiting list, it is likely that registration has closed and we are no longer accepting new regisrations.

I attended an event, but the system says I haven't.

Please allow up to 5 business days for attendance to be updated. If it has been longer, let us know at Please note: attendance is not taken for certain events.

My archived attendance records are inaccurate.

Email including your full name and any previous Western usernames or altenate email addresses you may have used to sign up for past events.