Lead TA Program - Call for Applications

Lead TA Program - Call for Applications

As a Lead TA, you will:

  • Receive an internationally recognized teaching certificate
  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Participate in facilitation skills training

“The Lead TA program has been an incredibly rewarding position. Not only have i been able to help provide fellow TAs with the training and resources they want, but i've also been able to develop my own skills that will be incredibly useful after grad school.” ~ Lead TA, 2013-14

Application Deadline: April 10 to your graduate chair

Position Description

The Lead GTA program facilitates the professional development of teaching assistants at a discipline-specific level. It provides graduate students with an opportunity to apply their interest, teaching experience, and training beyond traditional TA duties.

The program seeks 8 Lead GTAs to develop discipline focused TA training activities in their home departments. By facilitating workshops, developing resources, and offering peer feedback through classroom observations, Lead GTAs will serve as peer mentors, coaches, and liaisons for other TAs.

Lead GTAs will be supervised by the graduate chair in their home department. In order to support the Lead GTAs in their own professional development during the year, the Teaching Support Centre will provide ongoing training and resources. Lead GTAs will participate in facilitation and mentorship skills training as part of their preparation for the role and receive an internationally recognized teaching certificate. Participation in the program is a unique opportunity for graduate students to gain valuable leadership experience.



  • Must be enrolled at Western as a graduate student during the period of employment
  • Must be 2nd year Master’s or 2nd year and above PhD with at least two semesters of teaching experience at the university level (as a TA or instructor)
  • Applicants must be within the SGPS funding period
  • Excellent presentation, facilitation and interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge of PowerPoint and Sakai
  • Demonstrated interest in supporting student learning
  • Ability to work with a wide range of colleagues in a collaborative, professional manner
  • Demonstrated excellence in time and project management; ability to juggle competing priorities
  • Ability to work with diverse audiences

Preferred Experience and Knowledge

  • Previous participation in TSC programming (for example, TATP, TCC, ATP or GS 9500) or equivalent at another institution
  • Previous experience facilitating teaching development or training
  • Basic knowledge of student services and learning resources at Western in order to be able to refer students and TAs appropriately
  • Experience in peer mentoring
  • Interest in interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Understanding of teaching assistant development
  • Ability to self-reflect and set goals for own professional development

Application Materials

  1. CV including your expected graduation date and list of teaching workshops attended
  2. Cover letter highlighting your teaching experience
  3. Teaching philosophy statement (1 page maximum, single spaced)
  4. Lead GTA Proposal that describes what types of TA support and resources that graduate teaching assistants in your department may need, and what types of programs, resources and supports you may design during your year as a Lead GTA to meet their needs (1 page maximum, single spaced)
  5. Names and contact information of 2 references

Submit your application by April 10th to your graduate chair.