New Options to Personalize the Course Feedback Process

New Options to Personalize the Course Feedback Process

This fall, Western is introducing two new optional online questionnaire functionalities for instructors that will further personalize the feedback process. Opt-in to the new functionalities (described below) by visiting

First, you now have the option to include a Midterm Check-In for your course. Instructors will be able to use the online feedback system to collect midterm feedback. 

Second, you also have the option to add two supplementary questions from a question pool to your end of course Student Questionnaire on Courses and Teaching (SQCT).

The results of both the Midterm Check-In and supplementary SQCT questions are only made available to the instructor.

If you are interested in opting in to the Midterm Check-In, and/or adding supplementary questions to your SQCT, please do so by September 30 at 

More information, including a step-by-step how-to guide on these new functionalities, can be found at

The following drop-in help sessions are also available:

  • Thursday September 14 from 1pm-4pm held in WSSB-0122
  • Wednesday September 27 from 1pm-4pm held in WSSB-0122