Technology in Education Symposium

Technology in Education Symposium

The Technology in Education Symposium (TIES) is an exciting one-day, university-wide event scheduled for March 8th, 2013, which will showcase and explore the uses of technology in teaching graduate, undergraduate, and continuing studies students across all disciplines at Western and its affiliates. We are very pleased to have the award-winning cultural anthropologist Dr. Michael Wesch (Kansas State University) giving the keynote presentation.  Click here to see some of his TEDx talks.

This symposium will focus on quality of education as it relates to instructional technology and e-learning.  While the sessions offered will address the opportunities and challenges of using instructional technology, the focus is less upon tools than upon innovative teaching principles and practices.

Participants will hear and see how instructors and other employ technology to engage students and enrich learning, and to connect with others from across the campus who are exploring the potential of instructional technology and online education.


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