Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

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CJSoTL makes a distinctive contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning in three ways. First, the focus is primarily on the scholarship of teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary institutions. This focus is based on the recognition that the curricula, policies, requirements, and structures of Canadian post-secondary institutions are often distinct from their international counterparts. However, submissions from international colleagues that have relevance to the Canadian context are welcome.

Second, the journal provides a forum for a broadly defined spectrum of “educators” to exchange and integrate ideas and information on teaching and learning in post-secondary education. The targeted author- and readership of CJSoTL is instructors, academic staff, educational developers, academic librarians, learning resource specialists, and graduate students. Third, the journal solicits contributions from both Canadian universities and colleges, including the Collèges d'enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) in Québec. The journal provides a forum to address issues in teaching and learning that are specific to these institutions as well as issues that transcend institution type. The Editorial Board members are educators from across Canada who are committed to the substantial contribution that this journal will make to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Volume 5 Issue 1 is now online.  The published articles include:

Course Redesign: An Evidence-Based Approach
Kathy Nomme and Gülnur Birol

A Graduate Course on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Influences on Conceptions of Teaching and Learning
Andrew B. Leger and Sue Fostaty Young

A Haven for Learning: Gaining Professional Knowledge through Sincere Conversation in an Online Reading Course
Deborah A. Graham

Reconstructing Faculty Roles to Align with Self-Authorship Development: The Gentle Art of Stepping Back
Deborah A. Day and Terry Lane

Visual Literacy Skills of Students in College-Level Biology: Learning Outcomes Following Digital or Hand-Drawing Activities
Justine C. Bell

Minimal Marking: A Success Story
Anne McNeill

The Transfer of Learning Associated with Audio Feedback on Written Work
Tanya Martini and David DiBattista

The Transformative Potential of Learning Through Service While "Doing" Classroom-Based Research
Mary Breunig

Qualitative Insights from a Canadian Multi-Institutional Research Study: In Search of Meaningful E-Learning
Lorriane M. Carter, Vince Salyers, Sue Myers, Carol Hipfner, Caroline Hoffart, Christa MacLean, Kathy White, Theresa Matus, Vivian Forssman, and Penelope Barrett