Călin-Andrei Mihăilescu

Mihailescu - NeoheliconLiterary Theory and the Sciences

2014, Springer.

Mihailescu - FoartaFoarţă-n faţă. Elogiu lumii la XIV luştri de Şerban Foarţă

2012, Brumar Publishing House

Mihailescu - HappyHappy New Fear!

2011, Curtea Veche Publishing

Mihailescu - Cum EraCum era? Cam aşa… Amintiri din anii comunismului (românesc)

2006, Curtea Veche Publishing.

Mihailescu - AntropomorfinaAntropomorfina

2005, Curtea Veche Publishing

Mihailescu - 16-1716~17. Renaştere, manierism, baroc

2005, Curtea Veche Publishing.

Mihailescu - CalindarCălindar de noapte

2003, Curtea Veche Publishing

Ţară europsită

2002, Curtea Veche Publishing

Mihailescu - CaragialeCalendarul după Caragiale

2002 Curtea Veche Publishing

Mihailescu - Borges LargeThis Craft of Verse, by J. L. Borges (editor)

Through a twist of fate that the author of Labyrinths himself would have relished, these lost lectures given in English at Harvard in 1967-1968 by Jorge Luis Borges return to us now, a recovered tale of a life-long love affair with literature and the English language. Transcribed from tapes only recently discovered, This Craft of Verse captures the cadences, candor, wit, and remarkable erudition of one of the most extraordinary and enduring literary voices of the twentieth century. In its wide-ranging commentary and exquisite insights, the book stands as a deeply personal yet far-reaching introduction to the pleasures of the word, and as a first-hand testimony to the life of literature.

Though his avowed topic is poetry, Borges explores subjects ranging from prose forms (especially the novel), literary history, and translation theory to philosophical aspects of literature in particular and communication in general. Probably the best-read citizen of the globe in his day, he draws on a wealth of examples from literature in modern and medieval English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Chinese, speaking with characteristic eloquence on Plato, the Norse kenningar, Byron, Poe, Chesterton, Joyce, and Frost, as well as on translations of Homer, the Bible, and the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. 2002, Harvard University Press.

Mihailescu - FictionFiction Updated. Theories of Fictionality in Contemporary Criticism (editor)

A collection of 24 essays dedicated to critic Lubomir Dolezel contributing to the theory of fictionality and examining issues in narratology and the history of poetics. The international group of scholars (including renowned critics such as Umberto Eco and Michael Riffaterre) keep their distance from deconstruction and approach fictionality from a philosophical perspective, considering theories of models, character, genre and gender, and dealing with questions of fiction from a historical and poetics standpoint. Two concluding essays expand Dolezel's contribution to the theory of fictionality and fictional semantics, and the works of Homer, Casanova, Woolf, Borges, Kundera, and Bakhtin are given particular attention. 1996, University of Toronto Press.

Mihailescu - PoezooChildren's Books

Poezoo (ce fac animalele când le faci)

2011, Liternet

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