Full Roster of Theatre Studies Courses

Theatre Studies Courses Offered at Western

For your convenience, we have listed the full range of courses offered by Theatre Studies at Western University. See Academic Calendar for full details. Some of the Theatre Studies courses described here may not be offered in the coming academic year. However, as we continue to build the Theatre Studies program, it is important to us that students see the breadth of courses available. Check here for 2017-18 course offerings.

English 2041F - Fall Theatre Production
In this course, students participating in the Department of English and Writing Studies' Fall Theatre Production explore in theory and practice approaches to text in performance. Only students working as an actor, director, stage manager, assistant stage manager, lighting, set or costume designer may enroll. Please note: Auditions take place in March. Check here for current production details. Permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies required to enroll.

Theatre Studies 2201F/G - Understanding Performance
This course will equip students with the primary tools necessary to conduct basic performance analysis. From costumes to lighting and sound effects to textual alterations, students will learn to analyze a production while exploring the social, political, and aesthetic meanings of the required texts.

Theatre Studies 2202F/G - Performance Beyond Theatres
Students will examine forms of contemporary performance that are less conventional and/or challenge conventional assumptions. This course will explore the performance of everyday life, contemporary avant-garde, site specific, and environmental theatre.

Theatre Studies 2203E - Forms and Genres of Theatre
This course provides an introduction to theatrical forms and genres through the study of a selection of plays from national and geographical locations. Students will examine theatre as an evolving art form, and consider how performance offers social, economic, and political commentary at particular historical and cultural moments.

Theatre Studies 3201F/G - Great Directors
This course will focus on the role of the director as auteur in the creation of a production. Students will study the works of a variety of major European and North American directors to understand how a director’s role molds and influences a performance.

Theatre Studies 3202F/G - Space, Location and Scenography
Students will study advanced knowledge of types of theatrical space and buildings ranging from festival, outdoor, national, and destination theatres to theatrical architecture, embodied space, and innovative theatrical practices over time. Students will also visit performance spaces in Toronto, Stratford and local venues and engage in hands-on spatial analysis.

Theatre Studies 3203F/G - The Profane Text (Theatrical Adaptation)
This course examines how genres and texts renew themselves through performance choices and adaptation. Students will challenge the authority of the original work and explore how a selection of “sacred” texts such as Othello, A Streetcar Named Desire, A Doll’s House, or Waiting for Godotare altered through performance iterations.

Theatre Studies 3204F/G - Crafting Theatre
Students examine passages of dramatic text in order to understand structural form from a pragmatic theatre craft perspective with attention to the stages, company systems, and audiences for which a particular play was written.

Theatre Studies 3205F/G - History of Performance Theory
This course introduces students to major statements and treatises about theatre and performance from Plato and Aristotle to anti-theatrical positions of the Renaissance and late-nineteenth and twentieth-century thinkers such as Nietzsche, Stanislavski, Artaud, Brecht, and Brook. Students will also apply theories of practice to specific dramatic texts.

Theatre Studies 3206F/G - Shakespeare and Performance
An historical, theoretical, and analytical introduction to Shakespeare's plays in performance. This course focuses on specific problems related to past productions and to those in the current Stratford Festival season. Class meets for three hours a day, five afternoons a week, and includes attendance at Shakespeare productions. Summer Day only.

Theatre Studies 3207F/G - Voice and Text in the Theatre
A workshop in which students will experience, with simple, practical exercises, the ways in which Festival actors develop and maintain their voices and explore various aspects of the text they are performing. The class meets for three hours, four mornings a week. Taught by Stratford Festival staff. Summer Day only.

Theatre Studies 3208F/G - Table Work
Students will close-read parts in plays in order to analyze a script’s vocal patterning, experiment with the pacing of a scene in terms of breath, silences, and “beats”, shape interpretations of character, tone, and motivation, and debate what constitutes textual “clues” to performance.

Theatre Studies 3209F/G - Indigenous Theatre and Performance
This course examines Indigenous drama and performance practices, combining an attention to aesthetic traditions, Indigenous storytelling and innovation with an awareness of the cultural and political contexts shaping dramatic texts and performances.

Theatre Studies 3210A/B - Performing Arts Management, Marketing, and Curation
An introduction to performing arts management and curation. Students will study best practices for management, recruitment, marketing and audience development, learn to use social media effectively for these purposes, and explore challenges facing artistic directors developing repertory.

Theatre Studies 3211F/G - In Your Skin: Sexualities and Performance
This course examines the relationship between sexuality and performance. Students will examine play texts and performance and study such topics as drag, transgendered roles and representation, and the role of gender and sexuality in the interpretation of a text or performance.

Theatre Studies 3900F/G - Destination Theatre (formerly 4215F/G)
This course provides students with the opportunity to develop their drama education more deeply through the experience of theatre abroad, in cities such as New York and London, England. Students' attendance at live performance will be complemented with daily lectures, and tours of theatres, archives, and relevant historical sites.

Theatre Studies 3950E - Special Topics in Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies 3951F/G - Special Topics in Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies 3952F/G - Special Topics in Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies 4211F/G - The Performance Archive
This course introduces students to the theory and practice of performance archives. Students will analyze primary documents and how to organize and maintain a performance archive. This course will also include field trip(s) to archival sites such as the Stratford Festival, the Grand Theatre, the Elgin Theatre and the Nightwood Theatre.

Theatre Studies 4212F/G - Theatre Talk
This course teaches students about how theatre is received and discussed in society. Topics to be discussed included performance activism, the role of the press, and the effects of social media on a production.

Theatre Studies 4214F/G - Contemporary Issues in Performance Theory
Beginning in the 1950s and 60s, students will study the rise of performance studies and consider developments in the theories of performance during the latter part of the 20th century. Areas covered may include feminist performance theory, postcolonial performance theory, and queer performance theory.

Theatre Studies 4216F/G - Reviewing Performance
This course explores the function of modern arts reviewing. We will study the form across several media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and think critically about the place of long-form review criticism in contemporary culture. Students should expect to write multiple reviews over the course of the semester.

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