2015-16 Undergraduate Theatre Studies Courses


Shakespeare in Performance 3206G - July 18-August 5th
An historical, theoretical, and analytical introduction to Shakespeare's plays in performance. This course focuses on specific problems related to past productions and to those in the current Stratford Festival season. Class meets for three hours a day, five afternoons a week, and includes attendance at Shakespeare productions. Summer Day only. Limited enrollment. Students must contact the Department for permission to register.

1pm-4pm from Jul 18-Aug 5 3206G / 001 I. Watson Syllabus tba

Voice and Text 3207G (co-requisite 3206G) -  July 18-August 5th
A workshop in which students will experience, with simple, practical exercises, the ways in which Festival actors develop and maintain their voices and explore various aspects of the text they are performing. The class meets for three hours, four mornings a week. Taught by Stratford Festival staff. Summer Day only. Limited enrollment. Students must contact the Department for permission to register.

9am-12pm from Jul 18-Aug 5 3207G / 001 A. Bretz Syllabus tba


Theatre Studies 2201F: Understanding Performance
This course will equip students with the primary tools necessary to conduct basic performance analysis. From costumes to lighting and sound effects to textual alterations, students will learn to analyze a production while exploring the social, political, and aesthetic meanings of the required texts.

Fall 2015 2201F / 001 J. Devereux Syllabus pdf

Theatre Studies 2202G: Performance Beyond Theatres
Students will examine forms of contemporary performance that are less conventional and/or challenge conventional assumptions.  This course will explore the performance of everyday life, contemporary avant-garde, site specific, and environmental theatre.

Winter 2016 2202G / 001 K. Solga Syllabus tba pdf

Theatre Studies 2203E: Forms and Genres of Theatre
This course provides an introduction to theatrical forms and genres through the study of a selection of plays from national and geographical locations. Students will examine theatre as an evolving art form, and consider how performance offers social, economic, and political commentary at particular historical and cultural moments.

Fall/Winter 2203E / 001 J. Devereux Syllabus pdf

Theatre Studies 3205F: History of Performance Theory
This course introduces students to major statements and treatises about theatre and performance from Plato and Aristotle to anti-theatrical positions of the Renaissance and late-nineteenth and twentieth-century thinkers such as Nietzsche, Stanislavski, Artaud, Brecht, and Brook. Students will also apply theories of practice to specific dramatic texts.

Fall 2015 3205F / 001 K. Solga Syllabus pdf