TEDx WesternU

Staff Bios


Terry Rice

Director, Marketing and Creative Services

Biography: Terry Rice earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (1998) and his Master of Arts degree (Journalism 2000) from Western and since August of 2000 he has worked in the university's Department of Communications and Public Affairs where he is currently the Director of Marketing and Creative Services. He has art directed and managed marketing projects that have appeared in Toronto Transit, Maclean's Magazine, Enroute Magazine (Air Canada), The Globe and Mail, The National Post, and the London Free Press. He is the recipient of the Rising Star Award from the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) - and the Hugh Bremner Prize for broadcast journalism from Western.


Melissa Cheater

Digital Content Manager

Biography: Melissa is a digital strategist within the Western Communications & Public Affairs team. She is a graduate of Western's Faculty of Information & Media Studies and brings a passion for communication, technology and online behaviour to the event, as well as experience running #PSEWEB, a grassroots peer-to-peer conference for staff at Canadian universities and colleges. She focused the final years of her degree on online social networking and its implications, and went forward to break new ground in digital media, with projects featured in publications such as Maclean’s magazine. Melissa can be reached via Twitter (@mmbc) or LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/melissacheater).


Mathew Hoy

Senior Web Designer

Biography: Mathew Hoy is the Senior Web Designer at Western, in charge of many things including designing and coding websites, interface design and project coordination on Western's iWestern mobile apps, livestreaming convocation, and more. He likes making great things, illustration, and hanging out with his family.