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Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart

About Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart is an award winning wildlife photographer, filmmaker, conservationist and educator. Stewart produced, directed and starred in the award-winning film, Sharkwater and his most recent film, Revolution.

Stewart had a love for wildlife at an early age, becoming an underwater photographer at the age of 13. By the age of 18 he became a scuba instructor and then moved on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, from Western University - studying in Ontario, Jamaica and Kenya.

Stewart spent four years traveling the world as the chief photographer for the Canadian Wildlife Federation magazines. While on assignment to photograph hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos, he discovered an illegal sharkfinning industry. Witnessing firsthand how these magnificent creatures have gone from predator to prey, he set out to make a documentary film exposing the truth about what was happening to sharks. 

His debut film, Sharkwater, broke box office records, won 35 international awards, and spawned an international movement to protect sharks. After millions of people saw Sharkwater, the world took on the cause in a big way – and everyone – from kids to celebrities took action to protect sharks.

Faced with an even bigger challenge, with not just animals and ecosystems in danger, but humanity at stake, Stewart set out to make his second film, Revolution. In a dangerous and revealing journey to save it all, Stewart is transformed from filmmaker to activist.

Revolution is not just a film, but the beginning of a new movement, and the film will be followed by mobile application to engage audiences and his recently released book Save the Humans (Random House, 2012).