I recently graduated from a four year Honors Biology program at the University of Western Ontario. I started working in the Gan/O’Gorman lab in the summer of 2004 and continued working throughout my fourth year thesis project. At present, we are working on elucidating the role of GSK-3b activity in Dupuytren’s Contracture using SELDI-TOF-MS technology. With this cutting edge proteomic tool, we hope to generate a list of biomarkers specific for Dupuytren’s disease, as well as other similar fibroproliferative disorders.

Completing my fourth year thesis project in what we affectionately call the “GO” lab was a great learning experience, and a wonderful place to develop the basics of scientific research. In the future, I hope to combine this new found knowledge of the scientific world with my interest in medicine. I am currently applying to medical schools throughout Canada, and perhaps one day I will have the opportunity to integrate what I have learned here at the Lawson Health Research Institute with clinical practice.