Roth | McFarlane Wrist Surgery Program

The Roth | McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre has an extensive wrist surgery program that includes advanced clinical management of wrist disorders, clinical outcome studies and a basic bio-engineering research component. Advanced surgical techniques including wrist arthroscopy and minimally invasive arthroscopic fracture and ligament repair are practiced at our centre. Long-term outcome studies following various methods of wrist fracture management have led to the development of patient rated wrist outcome evaluation scales that are now used world-wide in comparing wrist fracture treatment methods. Complex chronic disorders including wrist intercarpal ligament insufficiency leading to wrist instability, triangular fibro-cartilage (TFCC) degeneration, distal radio-ulnar joint (DRUJ) instability, complex wrist arthritis (SNAC and SLAC wrist), wrist vascular disorders such as Kienbock's disease, as well as acute disorders such as wrist fractures and wrist fracture-dislocations are expertly treated at the Roth | McFarlaneCentre. The picture above shows the arthroscopic view of the radiocarpal joint and the volar wrist ligaments with a diagram explaining the anatomy of the wrist joint.

Although all surgeons at the Roth | McFarlane Centre treat wrist problems, those with a primary interest in wrist surgery are:Dr. King, Dr. Faber, Dr. Grewal, Dr. Ross, Dr. Guerra and Dr. Gan.