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Our surgeons treat all upper extremity problems. These may range anatomically from the shoulder down to the tips of the fingers and involve bone, joint, muscle, tendon, nerve, blood vessels and other skin and subcutaneous tissues. Primary disorders of the upper extremity from various etiologies including inflammation, infection, neoplasms and trauma are treated both operatively and non-operatively. Our surgeons work in a team that includes nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical nurse-specialists, cast technicians and researchers.

If you have an upper extremity problem and are not a patient of one of our physicians, please see your family doctor for assessment. Your family doctor can make a referral to one of our surgeons, if necessary. Please note that, due to overwhelming demand, our surgeons are forced to prioritize new referrals. Waiting times for each problem vary. A long wait time does not indicate that your problem is not important, but reflects the high demand on our services.

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