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The Society of Graduate Students of the University of Western Ontario shall strive to protect and enhance the health and well–being of humans and eco-system s on both local and global scales. To achieve this goal, the society shall actively engage the work and knowledge of its membership to address the ecological and social challenges that we face now and in the future.
          - SOGS sustainability Committee Mission Statement                       

Acting in a sustainable way can have significant impacts on both our environment and our wallets. Here are some simple ways to reduce your impact:
•  Walk, bikes or use your bus pass to get to campus
•  Take trains or buses for long-distance transportation, rather than cars or airplanes. When you must use a car, try to carpool.
• Reduce utility consumption by turning off lights, installing energy efficient light bulbs, leaving your home air conditioner off during the day, and turning down the gas on your home water heater.
• Print and photocopy documents double-sided; most computer labs and photocopiers on campus have this capability.
• Bring a reusable water bottle to campus rather than buying bottled water. The Grad Club has water on tap available to its members.
• When on campus, always place refuse in the appropriately labelled bins, and use and  understand London’s recycling program. Please visit: and Composting/Recyclingmain.htm.
• Used batteries and old cell phones can be brought to InfoSource on the on the main floor of  the University Community Centre (UCC) so they can be sent to a certified recycling facility.
•Refill printer ink cartridge at Island Ink Jet in the UCC.

There are a number of opportunities for you to help promote sustainability both on and off campus. Here are some ways you can get involved:

EnviroWestern  is a group of students at western that provides action and advocacy for environmental issues important to students. They perform campus waste audits, provide reusable coffee mugs, and organize an organic vegetable garden:

GreenDrinks London provides a dynamic social environment where people from community,l non-profit, business and government connect through the goal of sustainability:

Reforest London aims to improve our city’s green cover and needs volunteer s to plant and care for trees:

Post carbon London promotes ways of reducing energy demands and advocates the use of alternative, renewable energy sources:

The London Co-op Store is a non-profit, member-owned, co-operative governed natural food store located at the corner of Princess and Adelaide:

Note that SOGS Sustainability Committee has the facebook group. Please visit the link to join the group.

The SOGS Sustainability Committee is always looking for new members and ideas. Contact us at :


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