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1) Ashley Warnock
2) Augustine Banson
3) Eric Sadowski
4) Jenna Allan
5) Michael Del Vecchio
6) Mohammad Al-Amin
7) Rebecca Campbell
8) Ting Li
9) Walee Mamun
10) Kai Pisters
11) Ayo Abiola-Ogedengbe (Chair) –

Ex Officio:Désirée Lamoureux , VP Student Services, SOGS.

About: The Orientation Committee is one of the standing committees of the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) at The University of Western Ontario. Its mandate is to arrange presentation and host social events for new students and Councillors and also to produce and distribute the handbook/dayplanner and Councillor Orientation packages. Hence, we are the gateway to SOGS for new students and councillors coming to the university.

Activities: The present committee was inaugurated on June 16, 2011 and had successfully hosted a social event for new members at the Grad Club on July 13, 2011. The event was held same day as the Grad Club’s weekly Open-Mic event. Tickets were sold out days before the event and we continue to plan for more events this fall which promises to be even better.

Socials: Some of the socials planned for the Fall will include New Student Part at the Grad Club, PHD Movie Screening, Outdoor event at a London Park and other locations downtown. These are popular events and attendees are urged to register early.

Sports: Members of the committee will coordinate several sports events for all students in a SOGS teams for Hockey, Soccer and Dodgeball. We continue to plan for more events.

Presentations: We plan information sessions for new students at events hosted by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS), Faculties, departments, Clubs and Association on campus. At these events we provide information to new students about SOGS, its benefits and how to get involved. We also host our own information sessions on behalf of SOGS and our social events are sometimes inclusive of presentations.

Councillor Orientation: The SOGS Council is composed of departmental representatives and part-time graduate students’ representatives who are referred to as Councillors. New councillors are inaugurated in the fall and the Orientation Committee arrange and host presentations for them to get them ready for the task they do. We do this in coordination with the SOGS Speaker.

For more information and general enquiries about the SOGS Orientation Committee and our events, visit the SOGS Office at Room 260, UCC or email Ayo Abiola, Committee Chair at


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