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Equity Committee

Chair: Jessica Dubrick (

1) Nedal Mohammad
2) Mahdi Hassan
3) Zhi Feng
4) Shumsun Nahar Siddique
5) Sumeeta Warrich

Ex Officio: Jahidur Rahman, VP External, SOGS.

Current Projects
The SOGS equity committee is currently (1) developing a map of equity and diversity services at UWO for graduate students, (2) collaborating with the Canadian Federation of Students to host a racism awareness event and (3) building a knowledge partnership with other equity-related committees, councils and campus services to keep graduate students informed and up-to-date on current issues and events. We continue to work to promote equity, and improve the graduate student experience at UWO.

Upcoming Campus Events ---
Signature Campaign:
WHEREAS: There are currently two intersections around the UWO campus that are poorly accessible to people with motor and visual impairments, namely:

  • Sarnia Road at Western Road and Philip Azis Avenue
  • Western Road at Elgin Drive
WHEREAS: The intersections in question are owned by the city of London, Ontario
WHEREAS: It is in the best interest of the City to provide ease of access to the residents and guests of the city, and it is in the city's interest to boost its image as a progressive educational and research centre.

Other Committees Working on Equity related Issues:

Name Conatct Address
The Barrier-Free Access Committee;
The President's Committee for the Safety of Women on Campus Safety of Women on Campus
Western's Caucus on Women's issues Women's issues
SDC: Services for Students with Disability
SDC: Indigenous Services
USC Equity Programming Committee
Teaching Support Centre (Fostering diversity in the classroom)
The University Students Council Accessibility Development Committee
The Joint Faculty/Administration Employment Equity Committee
GTA Human Rights Committee




SOGS Equity Committee: Terms of Reference

Mission Statement

The Society of Graduate Student’s Equity Committee advocates equality, and assists graduate students experiencing inequality at the University of Western Ontario.


The SOGS Equity Committee

1. Shall adhere to SOGS By-laws (9.4.13).

1. Shall discuss and make recommendations to Council on equity issues affecting graduate students.
2. Shall serve as a liaison between the Society and other groups and programs concerned with equity issues on campus and in the community.
3. Shall work to increase awareness of equity issues on campus, particularly within the graduate student community, through events and publicity campaigns.

2. Shall remain accountable, accessible and transparent in its meetings, activities and recommendations.

ST Goal: Hold monthly meetings (September-May).

ST Goal: Record and post meeting minutes and other documents online (SOGS website), and advertise meetings.

LT Goal: Generate an annual report to SOGS (including, but not limited to: work completed, organization & membership, external campaign contributions).

3. Shall establish and maintain a procedure for dealing with the equity issues of graduate students.

ST Goal: Establish comprehensive map of equity services and resources at the UWO. This map will serve to guide graduate students to the appropriate services.

LT Goal: Maintain and update map annually.

LT Goal: Develop anonymous help system to assist graduate students who do not wish to be identified.
4. Shall campaign, advocate and inform the graduate student population of equity issues.

ST Goal: Identify opportunities to advocate/hold events on equity issues.

LT Goal: Collaborate with SOGS Disabilities Commissioner to implement and lobby for specific equity issues.

LT Goal: Support external equity events and campaigns.

LT Goal: Promote equity training for relevant individuals.

5. Shall connect and maintain an information exchange with existing equity committees/councils.
LT Goal: Advocate for graduate student positions on existing equity committees/councils.

ST Goal: Present relevant proceedings of existing equity committees/councils at SEC meetings.

6. Shall remain connected to the changing equity needs of graduate students.

ST Goal: Develop an anonymous survey to identify most prevalent equity issues of graduate students, and to direct SEC attention to addressing these issues.

LT Goal: Update and perform survey annually or bi-annually.

SEC: SOGS Equity Committee
ST: Short Term (within 6 months)
LT: Long Term
UWO: The University of Western Ontario


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