Morbey nets female Great Lakes researchers for role models

Dr. Yoland Morbey

Dr. Yolanda Morbey edits "The Siscowette" a newsletter an blog focusing on women who do research about the Great Lakes

Only one third of science undegraduate students are women. By the time some of these women pursue graduate studies and then an academic position, they only make up 14% of the faculty.  In an effort to retain more women in Science, researcher Yolanda Morbey had the idea to raise the profile of existing female scientists.

The pdf version of The SiscowetteMorbey, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, is editor of The Siscowette.  This newsletter and blog celebrates women doing science on Great Lakes issues. The Siscowette profiles one recent research article, one professional, and one scientist in training. Contributors to past issues have come from a diversity of disciplines, from government to academia, and from across the entire Great Lakes region. Morbey founded the newsletter in 2009 to provide role models for women in science in the area of environment and sustainability, in the ecologically-significant Great Lakes region. She hopes that the newsletter will help to stop the ‘leaky pipe’ of women leaving science. Morbey’s own research program focuses on animal behaviour and fish ecology in the Great Lakes. To see current and past issues of The Siscowette, please visit

By the way, the title is inspired by a species of trout found in the deeper sections of the Great Lakes, Salvelinus namaycush siscowet.

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