Resumé & Cover Letter

Your resumé and cover letter are the first impressions for your future employers. These documents define you and your past experiences and need to demonstrate why you are uniquely situated to take on a particular role. Without an effective resumé and cover letter that entices the employer, there is little chance of you acquiring an interview. 

Today, a typical student's resumé is black and white, listing detailed information about past experiences, jobs, and other involvements. It may be surprising, but these types of resumé are now out of date and are unlikely to earn you a placement. Your resumé needs to be dynamic, using active language that engages the reader; many modern resumés incorporate visually striking graphics that concisely convey various characteristics and experiences. 

Western Science's Career Services is here to help you create resumés and cover letters that are individually suited for specific areas of industry. Be sure to stop by our office during a drop-in session for one-on-one help, and make sure you visit the Student Success Centre's website for useful resources and workshops to help you craft your next successful application.