The Science/BMSc Internship Program aims to provide 8-16 month practical science-related experience in an employment setting. All students enrolled in the 3rd year of a 4-year undergraduate Science or Basic Medical Science Honors Specialization, Specialization, or in a Major + Major combination (where at least one of the Majors is in Science or Basic Medical Science), or students who are enrolled in the 3rd year of a 4-year BSc or BSc (Hons) program are eligible to enroll in the Science/BMSc Internship Program, if they satisfy the eligibility requirements: fulltime enrolment at Western, at least a 70% average and/or the recommendation of their department(s) in Science/Basic Medical Science. Unique cases may include an Internship work term between year 4 and 5 of an eligible academic program.

Program Participation

Students will be registered in, and attend, all preparatory classes included in Science 3391: Internship: Planning, Practicum and Prospects, and upon successfully securing an Internship work term, will pay an administrative fee. Please note: students do not register themselves in Science 3391 (it is not a normal course). Once approved to the program students will have Science 3391 added to their records. It will not trigger a course “overload”.

Completion of an Internship work term will delay graduation by one year, similar to co-operative education programs at other Canadian universities. Students who are not successful in securing an Internship work term will be withdrawn from Science 3391, with no academic penalty, and will not be liable for the administrative fee. Following the Internship work term, Interns will complete a report and oral presentation. A grade of pass/fail will be assigned to Science 3391: Internship: Planning, Practicum and Prospects.

Students interested in the program should apply in the fall of their 3rd academic year.

Application and Approval Procedures

Eligibility Criteria

Students are eligible for the Science Internship Program if they satisfy all approval criteria. Students must
  • be enrolled as a full-time student in the Faculty of Science/BMSc Program at Western
  • be currently enrolled in the 3rd year of a 4 year program in the Faculty of Science/BMSc Program
  • be in good standing with their Department and the Dean's Office
  • be returning to full-time student status at Western Science in year 4
  • have a minimum average of 70% in year 2 and successful completion of required 2nd year principal courses (reviewed by Departmental Program Advisor)
  • have completed at least 5.0 credits at Western

Application Process

Online registration opens August 25, 2017 for 2017/2018 in CareerCentral:

Log into CareerCentral. Click "Internship" on the left then click "Apply to Internship/Co-op" and select your application choice - "Science Internship".  Finish by clicking "Submit Application" only once and wait until the confirmation page appears.

Application Review and Decision

Once we have your information, your application will be reviewed. 

We will contact you regarding your approval to the Program in late September.

Once approved, we will:

  • invite you to begin Science 3391
  • assist you with your cover letter and résumé development
  • give you access to Science Internship job postings

Student Responsibilities

It is expected that the student will:

  • provide accurate and appropriate information on their qualifications and interests
  • notify the Student Success Centre @ Western at least 24 hours in advance if an interview must be rescheduled or cancelled
  • notify the Student Success Centre @ Western and/or Science Career Services of acceptance or rejection of an offer within 24 hours
  • honor the acceptance of the offer, since it is a contractual agreement with both the Employer and the University

Current Intern Responsibilities

While on the Job, it is expected that the intern will:

  • be responsible and accountable
  • respect safety and the environment
  • demonstrate ethical and professional judgement
  • be punctual, resourceful, adaptable, and productive
  • recognize and respect the Employer/Employee relationship: communicate progress and areas of concern with the Employer first, then notify Science Career Services
  • Will strictly adhere to employer’s policies regarding proprietary rights of research and technology