Faculty of Science

Instructions for Science 3391

Accessing on-line course materials:

Workshops are a critical part of the Preparation Section of Science 3391. In order to assist students, some of these workshops are provided on-line as archives from a Wimba virtual classroom through WebCT Owl.  These workshops are to be viewed by students as per the Workshop Schedule provided with the Course Outline.  Evaluation of individual student participation in these workshops will be through monitoring on-line attendance.

For First-time Users:

To access these SCIENCE 3391 WebCT Owl course materials, you must be a part of the Science Internship Program. You can self-register by using the online OWLRegister @ Western service found at the following web address:


to self-register, follow the instructions below:

1. Enter your Western Identity user id and password and press the Login button.

2. Select the SCIENCE 3391 course and click the Submit button.

3a. If you are a student of Science 3391, you will be directed to fill out a questionnaire. Ensure you fill out all of the required questions with answers and click the Submit button.

3b. If you are NOT a student, when you select SCIENCE 3391 and click submit you will be directed to submit a request for special permission to register for the course. After completing this request, you can then logout and wait to receive an email indicating your request for special permission has either been accepted or refused by a SCIENCE 3391 course section instructor. When you receive this email response, and if it indicates you are accepted to register for the course, login again to OWLRegister @ Western, and proceed to complete step 3a.

4. Once you see the Congratulations page, you are successfully registered. Click the Finish button. Any future selections of the SCIENCE 3391 course from the Accepted Registrations list will direct you to the correct WebCT OWL login page, where you can login and access your SCIENCE 3391 course.

Should you require additional assistance with the registration process, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 519-661-3800 or use their web form found at:
https://servlet.uwo.ca:8081/helpdesk/controller.jsp?operation=askITS to submit your question.

For Registered Users:

If you have already registered, click here to access the OWL login page.