Faculty of Science

Internship Policies

Internship Situations & Penalties:

1. The student who enrols in the Program, is approved - receives several offers in Round 1 and then turns them all down without cause.

2. The student who accepts an internship offer and signs the Internship contract with us and then renegs on the offer prior to beginning the position.

3. The student who goes out on an Internship work term and then quits to return to school or quits mid-term - without cause.

4. The student who does not pay the Internship fee.

5. The student who is let go due to changes in economy or quits for health/compassionate reasons.

6. The student who is withdrawn from the Internship program due to academic reasons - [i.e. scholastic offence] or who is let go for cause.

** Internship fees are NOT refundable **